So I've put Xubuntu(gutsy) on my computer, and after I got through the initial torrent of updates, I restarted.I got an error message upon reboot telling me that I wasn't allowed to access the system configuration, and until I restarted again the (2ghz dual core) cpu was hovering at 60-80%, and the desktop would not show up. The first two problems went away with another rebbot, but I still have the problem in the picture.

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erm, buy a mac? sorry, I honestly cant suggest anything helpful, never really used linux
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Try reinstalling it, other than that there might be a hardware issue or something. Goto www.ubuntuforums.org

They would help you out a lot more.
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Go to the Ubuntu forums .

It's honestly the best place to seek help. I'm running Hardy Heron atm and I would not even bother asking for help in UG.
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Does your monitor display an error saying something along the lines of 'out of range'? If so, you need to find a way of booting it up in recovery mode or the console and editing your xorg.conf file, adding in some missing parts. I had to do it when I installed Ubuntu.
Wow I guess I was really lucky when I installed Ubuntu. Everything works perfectly fine with it.
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^ no display like that...looks like I'm headed to the ubuntu forums >_<

It could still be the problem. If you can get into recovery mode or something, enter the following:

nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

And post the contents.