I've only been playing for 3 and a half months, so this is still a mystery to me... I can do a bend itself pretty decently. My question is, how do I release it? If I'm bending a note up, then back down, it's easy since I can just bring the string back down without much effort. But in songs where I'm supposed to play a different note right after the bend up, how do I release that bend without it making noise? If I let my fingers go after the bend then the strings just fall back down creating a nasty noise.
Well your not actually supposed to let go of the string itself if thats what your doing. The idea is you let the string down gradually, whilst still exerting pressure on it.
Practise by playing the note your planning on bending to, which is a simple method of memorising the sound of the note. Then bend the note, slowly until you here that same note. Then let it down slowly. This will build accuracy and strength needed for immaculate bends.
ah thanks...

that was what I was doing, lowering it back down. I was confused since some tabs say to bend back down, and some don't.
You don't always bend up then back down. If you want to only bend up, bend up to the note, release pressure so the string stops sounding then release silently.
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