So I can download from you tube but i have no idea what program i could use to convert them to windows media player so others could see them(whoever doesnt have flv player). Anyone that could help?
Google "Convert flv to avi"

It'll probably have to convert the FLV to SWF, then the SFW to AVI.
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Thanks guys , I got an assignment where i have to research any subject i want, I chose dancing lol but my tango video got corrupted. so now on the last day before the deadline I'm looking to substitute that vid for one on youtube. Helpful
google "Free youtube to ipod converter" Lets you download from youtube AND convert the FLV file to MP4.
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what you do is:

1.download firefox
2.download DownloadHelper
3.download VLC player
4.download youtube video with Download Helper in Firefox
5.open the .flv in VLC and go to: file-->Wizard-->Transcode-->existing stream-->click your video-->click transcode video in WMV 3 and transcode audio in Mp3-->click next and select ASF-->be sure to save the file as (movie).wmv dont forget to put .wmv before it is converted

also you can download south park episodes from www.allsp.com or go to www.slidereel.com to download other tv shows and movies..