I'm currently trying to find tickets for the Atlanta, GA show on August 3rd.

The site can be found here:


Main Stage:

Linkin Park
Chris Cornell
The Bravery

Revolution Stage:

10 Years
Hawthorne Heights
Armor For Sleep
street drum corps

So who all is going?
Man, I hope i can make it - its gonna be great!
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Already got tix for the UK leg, MK here I come! The lineup thus far is pretty awesome:
LP, Jay Z, Enter Shikari, Pendulum, and to a lesser extent, The Bravery, and even lesser of an extent, N*E*R*D*!
Gonna be goooooooood

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Only reason I went last year was MSI. It was funny watching all the people leave after the MSI set was over.
sounds good this year...i dont get why ashes divide is on main stage though..

and to the above comment, yeah, MSI rocked.
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im not really a fan of any of those bands but the promo video made the concert look pretty awesome it would be pretty good to go