You just ruined my childhood.
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Word on the street is, this girl called axel i think it was, spent the night in a disused barn eating owls.
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I like my women like I like my coffee... male.

Yeah, but I sing like an amputee though.
'Cause. Can't hold a note, can't carry a tune.

That was not very nice of you.
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I swallow it whole, like a man.
best rick roll ive seen in a while

haha on the topic of rick rolls, me and my friends the other day put the song on the jukebox at a pub the other day, rick rolled all the local drunks!
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You have an atrocious sense of humour!

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You win 100 hilarity points.

Spend them wisely.

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you're a funny, funny man, chimp in a tux... funny indeed.
damn... rick rolled again

well, nevermind, that was the best rick roll ever (after the tay roll )