I debating on buying one of these two guitars. An ibanez S470 DXQM Blue Moon Burst or the ESP M1000 Deluxe. I can buy the Ibanez sooner and put in new pickups or hold out and get the ESP. Though I am worried that the Floyd Rose will be more of a hassle than the Ibanez ZR bridge from what i have heard.

Please help me make a decision. Thanks.

Ibanez S470 DXQM:

ESP M1000 LTD Deluxe Electric Guitar:
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dude! i've got an ibanez S470 DXQM in Blue Moon Burst!! its ****ing awesome! in real life it is so much more gorgeous than on the link you posted, seriously for like the first 2 weeks i was like, holy **** is that really mine?! i've had it for about 5 weeks now, i dont have any problems with the Floyd Rose.

i cant comment on the other guitar, but the ibanez is a great great guitar, and is so sweet to play.
i have an LTD, annnnnnnnnd i wanna get an ibanez lol.

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