Hey everyone. I'm considering building a Warmoth Telecaster-style guitar. Essentially, I want the Telecaster body with a Stratocaster-shaped pickguard (and routing), 22 fret maple Stratocaster neck, along with a Floyd Rose and Dimarzio Fred and Joe pickups. I know that the Telecaster body wont properly accept a Strat neck (as the neck pocket doesnt line up with it properly) but Warmoth lets you get a Strat neck pocket routed onto Tele shape.
What I'm wondering is if a Strat pickguard would fit onto a Tele body, if the body was routed to accept such a configuration. As well, would the pickups work well on such a body?
thanks for the help
Maybe you should have a good look at both body styles and you will see they are vastly different.
Your best bet is routing your own body with a swimming pool (like some of the strats have enabling any pickup combination (e.g. 90s strat) while your getting it routed for a floyd rose.
Then use a 72 tele pickguard which will cover the pickup cavities and enable you to have the floyd rose as well.
At the same time get the neck pocket end changed from flat to rounded to enable you to bolt in a strat neck. Just make sure you get the location of the floyd right or you will never get the thing to sound right.
Basically i want the tele shape with a strat pickguard. will the pickguard fit a tele shape? is the lower horn on a tele the same shape as a strat? i know the shapes are different...
you could have a custom pickguard done, warmoth doesn't do it, but you can send in a tracing of the shape you want to pickguardian.com and they'll make it for you.
That sounds like it would look absolutely awful. Maybe try a 72 deluxe style guard?
i saw a 72 tele thinline on ebay with a strat p/guard and switches for each pickup, and it didn't look like it was specially made, but then again it probably was
go with the 72 deluxe or thinline shape