I was wondering if the OHMs on the Ibanez TBX150H would match up with the B-52 LG412V Guitar Cab, because I was planning on buying and mixing theses two, and just wanted to make sure they won't have any problems if I were to mix them. If there would be any sort of problem in mixing the two, could you please also tell me?
What has inspired you to put together such a terrible rig?

If you really need that head, you'd be much better off pairing it up with a 4 ohm cab. As a SS head, a higher resistance will reduce it's output noticably.

But with $600, the potential is there for you to get an amp that won't sound like sh!t.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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I can guarantee that the B-52 will sound loads better than the Ibanez cab. I have the tbx150h head and play it through a Marshall MC412 cab. I think this rig sounds pretty good, but I am looking into a good tube amp...
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