Hey, so I bought a Mockingbird ST at the local music store because it was going out of business and it was 485...so quite a bargain. They play fast...real fast. It beats the hell out of my Schecter C-1 Classic. Doesn't sound as good or have the bite as the C-1...but mainly (I'm hoping) because I haven't figured out all the electronics on this yet.

The guitar came with a ton of electronic options that i have never used before, such as the coil taps, reverse phase switch and a 5 position varitone switch. So, my question is more along the lines of what exactly is the purpose of those specific switches/how are they supposed to be used. And also, are the coil taps essentially something that turns a humbucker into a single coil? If so...I guess thats one less question i need answered
Coil tapping reduces the number of coils of wire in the pickup being used. So less output

Switching the phase can change from the pups re inforcing each others sound, or cancelling it. So either more or less out put.

Coil splitting is what turns a humbucker into a single coil.

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I own the mockingbird st, and i recently gutted it and ordered allnew switches pups and potts, i put a 59 humbucker on neck and a seymore duncan jb in brids sounds amazing now, i love it
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