I've got a '99-ish mexi strat, and I'd like a new tremolo for it. I don't mind drilling new holes for studs, but I'd rather not have to route the body at all.
I need something like this:
Fairly large range- I'm hoping for a G# to E
Preferably 2-point
Can be set up for floating
Steel block
Any ideas? The hipshot looks good but I can't find any proper block dimensions so I don't know if it needs routing or not. The wilkinson was another choice but it appears I'd have to route- can anybody confirm that?
If you're looking for a double locker, there's one that fits strats with no routing...called the Super V or something. Past that, I couldn't tell you.

You could just buy a more substantional block, or better saddles...but if you have the means to replace the whole thing, by all means, do it.
The super V is $250. I don't mind spending that much, but for that price I want a nut that doesn't look like the front fender of a 57 chevy. The Tremking doesn't have a steel block and the action looks too "springy" to me from the videos- I didn't see a tension adjust knob anywhere either.
I think I might get a Callaham unit with the 6 screws, two-point seems to only be advantageous if you've routed the body anyway.
Wilkinson makes great tremolos, but you'll probably need to route a little bit if you want push/pull.
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