The stock speakers in a Peavey 6505 combo are Sheffield or something to that effect. How much would it affect my tone for the better to replace them with two Celestion Vintage-30 speakers?
it depends. celestion V 30's are very love'em-or hate-em type speakers. they are wildly popular, yet disliked for the same reasons. i love'em. my cab is loaded with them. they have a ton of midrange, and great treble response, so ppl will say they sound a bit "harsh". but they sound great, you just have to know how to EQ. if your EQ is set right, (and if you break the speakers in a bit) they have lots of midrange and perfect balance of high's and lows (not too much, not too little).
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Thank you, I greatly appreciate it.
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just an idea;
how about 1 V30 and 1 celestian G12-T75? u can get the best of both worlds..i know a lot of guys like to mix them in their 4x12's
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