i found a really good sg neck on ebay that i was thinking could work on a les paul. would that be possible to do?
It would depend on the thickness of the neck and the cavity. Gibson necks are usually glued in, but if it's a bolt-on les paul body and so is the neck... then go for it.
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How can you change the neck on a set neck? Even you could it would be a know, as they have totally different heels.
would it look wierd? i mean a sg neck on a gibson les paul body? and yes its a bolt on just like the les paul body
So its the little cheap 310 or special neck as those are the only bolt neck SGs I know of. Everything else is a glue on neck and doubt it would work in a LP if set neck. Looking at the 2 bolt neck epi SG and LP guitars the neck joint looks the same.
yeah. idk its hard to find necks for the guitar on ebay bc it keeps on going past 70 dollars
Some things just cant be gotten for super cheap. And a 70 dollar neck isnt going to be a very good one. Just a fact of life quality wood for instruments inst cheap and neither is the labor to make it into something.
heres a thought, think you could make your own neck?
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No it wouldnt mate. The Les paul joins the body at the 16th fret, the SG at something like the 20th. If its a bolt on you might be able to do it but might require a bit of alteration to either the neck or body to get the scale length right.
Have you ever tried a 60's Les Paul Reissue? They are quite thin and heavy.. But they are basically the SG neck in a Les Paul.
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