yea i know, i was thinking about buying 1960's pickups and original bridge for mustang and putting them on a reissuie, then painting it that type of mist blue. not sure though
I was never really a bit fan of the mustangs, no idea why though. They just don't turn me on all that much.
Meh, I played a custom one once. But of course I won't judge the fender ones by it. But overall they are meh. I won't buy one, but if someone gives me one I'mma keep it.
that thing is pretty freaking sweet looking
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The price on that thing is still gonna go up quite a bit.
Also, reserve not met.
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Saw one in a shop on Denmark street, similar 1970s diff colour going for about $1600.
I like the shape to be honest, not sure I'd like the sound..

flickr you might
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Oranges are actually a revolution though - they're the next step from Rectos IMO.
Never would buy any guitar without strings on it. How long has it been sitting like that?
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Never would buy any guitar without strings on it. How long has it been sitting like that?

since 1970 lol. he says everything is just the way it was left in the 70's