in case that some day I decide to put some of my songs here, who will guarantee me that nobody goes to "stolen it"?...

Basically just write a "copyright" at the bottom or e-mail all of your pieces to yourself and save them so that it creates a date within the computer that you had it before anyone else. Other than that its sort of a trust thing.

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no one knows the melody or chords used - its just a bunch of lyrics on a page. your secret is safe.

if someone comes here to grab ideas for poems its still somewhat original unless they blatantly copy paste. i cant imagine that happening though.
if you make a website on freewebs or sumthing, and you create a copyright through the website, then you can paste the lyrics on the site and the secret will be safe.

Check link http://www.freewebs.com
"Kezia, my darling, please never forget, this world's got the substance of a frozen summer silhouette," Said my mother through lips that were cracked with love and toil before she added, "the warmest of blankets is six feet of soil."