they seem fine to me, my friend's got some black ones on his bass, and it looks pretty killer, but that's probably about all they're good for
they sound pretty clean, the only problem is that the color come off after about a week where u fret and pick
my friend has a set of back strings and.. meh he said they were alright as a change, but the colour does come off where heavy play is fairly quickly, also if your playing in dimmly lit venues they are a bit of a pain.
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Sure some of the coloring comes off, but big deal.

Thats the reason i wouldn't want them.
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I played a friends guitar with the DR Red Devils, they felt really smooth. Bass could be different. I believe the strings are based from the DR Hi Beams, and I read that the coating is like 0.003" thick, so it won't sound any different than standard hi beams.
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If you play fingerstyle it takes quite a long while for the color to come off. As for feel, they're a bit smoother than standard hi-beams because of the coat of paint (or w/e it is). They sound pretty good though, pretty close to hi-beams.

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I just put a set of Black Beauties on my bass and that name is very appropriate. The tone of these strings is awesome, and its more than just that "new string sound". The colour does come off if you use a pick, and I noticed a little got scraped off by the tuning pegs and bridge but its not that big a deal.

I play with fingers and they feel a little smoother than normal strings.

According the marketing stuff on the packet, they last a little longer than normal strings. This is apparently because the wire is dipped in the coating before being wrapped around the core, which adds thickness to the strings and extends their life and prevents breaking. I dont know how true that is, but it kinda makes sense.
I've got the blue ones on my guitar and they sound awesome, they take longer to sound dead too which is good. The finish comes off very easily if you use a pick, I don't think playing finger style will do much damage though.

I was going to get some for my bass, but the taking longer to sound dead thing would make them pretty useless for the bass sound I want
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