that is nothing like freebird O_O
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Soloing over Freebird more like? I liked it.
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yeah a cover would be like playing the song, what you did is a jam over the song freebird.

A little less distortion is good for that, and try to weed out some of the bum notes and bends (there are quite a few)
Not really a cover indeed, but I still enjoyed it. Beautiful guitar and the tone sounded pretty amazing to me. Good vibrato as well, btw.

For your next video, adjust the lighting and camera angle a bit. That'll definitely increase the quality of your vid.
Quote by Mynabull
Soloing over Freebird more like? I liked it.

I really enjoyed it. Your tone is great and although it's not really a cover, I think it fits in well.
I really liked that, it's a totally new take on the song.
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