I've been getting into Dream Theater lately, and I'd like to learn one of their "easier'(easy being a BIIIIGGGGG understatement) songs.

DO NOT SAY STREAM OF CONCIOUSNESS ow Caught in a Web. SoC is 11 minutes long, I REFUSE to learn a song that song and spend so much time for it. Call me lazy if you must. As for CiaW, I don't have a seven string guitar, nor the money to get one.
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Well you could try strange deja vu is easy and just like 5 minutes long.
Erotomania isn't THAT hard except for that big shred part. Root of All Evil is pretty easy, most of the song is power chords, except the solo. Pull Me Under is another good one. Peruvian Skies is another good and easy one too.
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Gonna second "Erotomania," and offer up "Constant Motion" as well, except for the solo. Great for some off-time riffage.
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