hey all.
im building a remote switch for my boss turbo distortion. i tried the channel select footswitch from my peavey amp, it and worked sweet, so im just going to copy the design from that. however, i would like to incorporate a LED into the pedal im making, so that i know which mode of distortion im on (as the turbo distrotion has two). so yeh would anyone e able to tell me how i go about putting a led in the circuit that will light up when a certain distortion mode is selected? thanks.

ive got a DPDT (6 tab) footswitch button, and the cable to plug into the BOSS pedal.


You could make a whole separate circuit for the LED and just attach the LED to a battery. Make the button or switch or whatever you press that switches the mode, somehow complete the circuit, letting electricity run through the circuit and lighting the LED.
yeh thats what i was thinking a. would i need to put a resistor in the circuit for the LED? ill just run a 9volt battery.
I worked with these last semester.......I think you do need a resistor......because if you don't the LED won't work or something like that.