hey I have a question, how to learn to sing and play at the same time, I've been playing acoustic for about few years but I can't seem to get to doing both singing and playing at the same time. Suggestions??
try talking to someone while you're playing

do that for awhile, and it should start to come naturally
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your sarcasam amuses me

Make sure you know the singing part and the guitar part well. And just practice. I find it help to know what beats certain words are on.
Try making the guitar noises with your mouth and then make your guitar sing the words. It should come naturally after that.



if its just chords you shouldnt be having problems.

if its a riff then i'll give you a bit of a break.
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try talking to someone while you're playing

do that for awhile, and you should start to come naturally

I have just removed that sentence from it's original context and look what I created!
just keep running through the songs until you dont need to think about it to play them well. then you can focus on singing.

thats what i did
Practice. In big bold letters. Italicized. Quotated. Underlined. With screaming howler monkies dancing a jig around it while on fire.

That's pretty much it. Just keep working at it and it'll eventually click.
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Just practice, and talk to somebody while playing, even yourself if you have to.