Hi, I have a Crate MX20RC amp that I got for Christmas along with my guitar about 4 years ago. I picked my guitar up and started playing only a couple of months ago so I'm completely new to guitar. I was just wondering if anyone could explain what the knobs and buttons on my guitar mean and if possible good settings for my amp so it can sound pretty cool without killing my (or my families) ears. So here are the following knobs and buttons:


Overdrive Gain
Overdrive Level

Clean Level (Pretty sure I know what this is but not 100% sure)

Equalization Low
Equalization Mid
Equalization High

Reverb Level (I kinda know what this is but not 100% sure)

Chorus (Kinda know)
Overdrive Gain: Amount of distortion
Overdrive Level: Volume of overdrive channel

Clean Level: volume of clean channel

Equalization Low: Controls bass frequencies (low)
Equalization Mid: Controls the middle frequencies (keep at a decent level, don't scoop)
Equalization High: Controls the treble/high frequencies

Reverb Level: Adds Reverb

Chan: switch channels (overdrive/clean)
Chorus:controls amount of chorus effect
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make sure your chan (channel) button is down
then put your equalization knobs midway
turn the reverb all the way up
put ur overdrive at about midway to 3/4
there ya go
ok basically the first 3 knobs you mention depend on what channel you are on. In between the overdrive level and clean level should be the button which switches between the clean and overdrive channel. The overdrive and clean level is basically the volume knob for each channel. The overdrive Gain knob determines how much distortion is on the distortion channel. The equalizer knobs basicaly determine if you have a boost or a cut of a certain frequency. At 5 all of them are at 0, so you havent boosted or cut any frequency. The Low is the bass, the Mid is the middle frequency which kinda gives your tone body or if you cut it it will give you a "scooped" sound and the high is your high trebble frequencies. The chorus is basically an effect which simulates multiple guitars playing.