come aboard
so broad, they approach
wielding nothing but fingers
holding intentions of knives

no hands free
to feed on what is just
just coarse your doing
on the unfortunate

sin falls
along with the blame
sin falls
amongst us

sin falls
"Do i hear rain"

grab a bucket
sin will distill

paving ignorance
pass churches
incoherent thoughts
remain speechless

gouging faces
resemble leeches
gouging faces
resemble leeches

every sip as good as the last

stay away
stray child
stray away
from the medicine cabinet

so enticing
it wont fill
so enticing
nothing it bares will heal

hold your tounge
Lilith claims your blood
no words can undo
whats been done

i posted this song earlier but i made some major changes

any feedback would be wonderful
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