Hey I just downloaded the power tab software and i was wondering if you could have the real song play instead of this weird techno sounding version. If this is possible could someone tell me how to change it?

haha, thats called MIDI, no, you cant. at least i dont think so, someone correct me.
its a midi processor. the real song isn't actually in the program, if you want it, play it in the background. but thats the only sound you're gonna get outta that program. sorry bud
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power tab only runs off of MIDI

however, Guitar Pro has realistic sound options available.

buy it
i have good timing, so what i do is play the powertab and the real song at the same time.

try that
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^ guitar pro does sound better but you do have to pay.
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Quote by underoath0902
^ guitar pro does sound better but you do have to pay.

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