I have 2 grand USD to buy a new amp this summer, and although I kind of voted out the idea of a Mesa (I play blues and classic rock). But, in the recent "greatest amp" thread, I saw several people recommend Mesa Mark IV's. I usually associate the mesa brand with metal and heavier stuff, but what can a Mark IV all do? Because, i'm seeing some of the older combos from the 90's going for 1500 USD buy it now on ebay.
Basically, what can these amps all do? And what is it's best tone it can get (like, cleans, mid gain, high gain?)
And, any idea who uses these, so I can kind of associate their tones with this amp?

Call me Wes.
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A few Mark IV users that come to mind:

- John Petrucci - Dream Theater
- Myles Kennedy - Alter Bridge
- Chevelle
- Mark Morton and Willie Adler - Lamb of God
The mark iv is pretty great for everything. It's got great low-mid gain on the rhythm 2 channel and great mid-high gain on the lead channel.

Heres people that use them http://www.mesaboogie.com/gallery_artist/art_gall.php

If you're looking for just a blues/classic rock sound you might want to look elsewhere seeing as the Mark IV is really versatile.

And isn't this your fourth or fifth amp thread?
*from what ive heard*
It does metal exceptionally well (of course) and also does mid gain stuff pretty good, and has very good cleans. Of course, remember that it has 6l6's though, so marshall stuff wont sound spot on, but its got enough gain for anything.
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Only the best amp ever..I think it blows away my Krank + ENGL put together, I want to get one im just waiting to sell some stuff! I can't speak for the cleans as i only played the cleans for about 4 seconds, then i let loose w/ some high gain. This is a goo example of the Metal tones


Also Erock has some clips too.

I see lot of people saying "OMG ITS SO HARD TO GET A DECENT SOUND!" It took me 4 seconds and i got the closest LOB tone ever, (I wonder why, but still ) also i got a good slayer-ish / thrash-ish tone from it. It does lower gain stuff purty good too..overall i rate it 10/10..also the reverb is pretty damn good on it :P

But this is all about the Metal part of this amp, as I dont play cleans or blues etc much.

I know Lamb of God uses Mark iv' to awnser your question, not sure who else..