Up for sale is an excellent condition Line6 Spider II 112 75x1 Watt Guitar Amplifier.
Information here- http://line6.com/spiderii/112.html

I have not gigged with the amp, or even brought it outside of my room once since I purchased it. I paid 325 for it, and well, i've decided i'd like to purchase a new amp instead.

So I guess if you have any amplifiers you would like to trade for it, well post in here as well. I'm also looking for a new guitar, eyeing a Les Paul in particular. Of course I don't expect to get a Gibson or an American Strat just for this amp, but maybe we could work out a package deal then.

About the amp- It's loud as hell- definitely loud enough to play small gigs with. It hosts a billion different sounds in it, include delay, chorus, phaser, echo, amp models and more. The sound dosent cut out, never had a problem with it, etc. etc.

PLUS, if you decide you want this amplifier before this topic gets killed, you get a free FBV2 footswitch, a 40 dollar value, ABSOLUTELY FREE. With this puppy, you can play around four presets without having to move a hand. Just a foot. Huck-yah!

Shipping... I don't know how much shipping is going to cost. It's heavy, my area code is 91316 so if you live anywhere nearby feel free to pick it up. Pics to come, but I assure you asthetically it is very sound. It has one Death by Stereo sticker on the side. I'm sure it will come off without damaging the plastic exterior any way, so if you'd like I could do that. But hey, it could be a worse band.

Good luck gentlemen.
Quote by APimpNamedSlick
Good luck gentlemen.

Yes, good luck finding somebody who will buy this.


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Quote by stradivari310
Yes, good luck finding somebody who will buy this.

my thoughts exactly
if i had the cash id consider it. otherwise, good luck
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Man, take it to a guitar shop where some noob will buy it, everyones smarter than buying a spider here...
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Geez, help the guy out. They're not all that bad, and have their uses as wicked practice amps, and good, fun starter amps. Best of luck!
I sold mine for 200 bucks successfully. Hah!
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