I've been trying to tab this song called Good to be Here by a (recently split up) band called Rooster for awhile now, though it's like leagues above my level, also, it has like a hell lot of effects so it's really hard to tell which from which.

All I got now it's that it's in Drop D tuning and is in the key of F(?) (though I'm not 100% sure, but the bassy riff right after the intro sounds Drop D alright) and has a hell lot of super fast slides. During the verse the guitarist is probably using a this like, repeating chorus effect? I'm completely stumped at the intro though. I think it's some sort of flange effect but it keeps going higher and higher unlike mine which just sounds like the amp is drunk or something.

Here's the youtube link for this song. If you watched the movie Storm Breaker then this song might be familiar.

If anyone, ANYONE can actually tab this whole song (including that killer solo) I would worship you for like, ever.
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