I don't know how many of you have heard of Unexpect, but their music is something special. The only problem is, their tabs can't be found anywhere, probably because they aren't very well known. I'm looking for anybody who thinks they could tab a few of their songs. Even one would be nice. Personally, I'm looking for songs from their newest album, In A Flesh Aquarium, specifically Chromatic Chimera, Feasting Fools, Desert Urbania, or Megalomaniac Trees. If anyone could tab one of these, it would be very much appreciated. If it is possible, please try to include all instruments, not just a single one.

Direct contact is not necessary, you can just post it here on the site.

Thank you,
I see what you mean, trying to find an UneXpect tab anywhere is virtually impossible. I will give it a try however (and enjoy the challenge as i've never tried to tab ou something so avante-garde), i'll give Feasting Fools a try and i wouldn't mind trying "The Shiver - Meet Me At The Carousel." In any case i'll try my hand at writing an accurate tab.
I'll take a look, my buddy is in love with this band.
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Tab In Velvet Coffins we Slept :P , also I love unexpect, fav band id liek to see tabs.