i saw on leader01's post about binding on a les paul and i thought id look into this more.

so in the situation with redoing a guitar that you want to repaint how do you remove the binding or at least repair it so you can repaint it? i found some online repair people that could do it but i was wondering how would you do that?
yeah i thought about that. what if the binding is messed up and it needed to come off. how would you go about doing that?
how does that work lp_std? would it take it off with minimium damage to the body? or do you think i should try to send it to a repair guy off the web?
if you have access to a router table it would be very easy to remove the binding with a binding bit and not have any damage to the guitar body.
have a look on stew mac for their binding router bits. it has a ball bearing on the end which acts as a guide for the cutter. its what is used to cut the rebate in the body for the binding in the first place. just be sure the router is flat (if its a carved top, you'll have to make a jig to keep it flat) and you're cutting at the right depth and it should cut away the binding quite cleanly. it wont work however if you want to keep the old binding, becacuse there'll be none left
like a les paul or prs, where the top surface isnt flat. you'll need a flat surface to be able to sit the router on. if its a strat or something you should be fine, but if not you'll need a jig to run the router over instead of the top to ensure it's flat
Getting binding off is not very easy if possible. Once its glued and painted only real way is the router. If you did get it off without damaging the guitar doubt the binding would be any good. Stewmac has the special bit and a set up for the carve top guitars.