There's a guy selling an American stratocaster for $400 but he put it together himself.. it has 2 regular single coil pickups and he put 1 humbucker in it. Think it's worth it? And would it last just as long as any other Strat if he put it together pretty well.. or should I just go with a new one
It all depends on what parts were used as well as how well it was put together. If he used genuine American Fender parts and knows what he is doing with the assembly then check it out and go from there.
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might be a mexican body and american neck. could be cheaper pickups or better than standard.

you'll need to play it and get specifics.

for $400, it's still about the price of a mexican made so, if it's a solid guitar, plays well, nice neck, no buzzing or pops, then consider it.

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can you get him to send you some really detailed pics?
i would say if he can't or won't do that then there might be a problem...and i'm not saying it still wouldn't be worth it ...ps i am not a stat expert
i take it you are buying on line?
yeah, he lives nearby and he says you have to see it and play it before he'll sell it. So yeah.. idk
also considering a gibson sg special faded for $500. I think I might go with that one