I found a Aria Pro II ZZ Deluxe used for $250 Can. I was wondering about the quality of these guitars, is this a good deal? Maybe for a project guitar or something, I have 250$ and I want to buy a new guitar.

Here is the ad:

"Waltz it up! The pit is it!"
Looks like a great buy, Aria Pro II are used bargains. MIJ with reasonable hardware, and the recent fret job sounds like an added bonus. A bolt-on but can't say I'd complain, especially at that price. Trem might need a little work though it looks like the guitar's been well maintained.

Definitely make him a good offer if you're interested.
For $250 bucks, that's a great deal. I used to play a little Aria that I got for $500 and it was awesome, nothing too fancy, just a solid beginner/intermediate guitar.

Go for it.
go on and buy it. i was lucky to buy an aria from a friend of mine who didn't know a thing about guitars, so he sold it to me for $50