can you buy the cables and power supply like that, to where its already daisy chainable, or do you have to have your wires custom made? I just bought a pedal box with power supply, but it didnt have any wires to daisy chain my 4 pedals, just wondering>
look on guitarcenter.com, musiciansfriend.com or any other instrument retailer....

They have the power supply/daisey chain cables for pedal boards....
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Be carefull though. If you hook up too many pedals to a daisy chain on a normal power supply, it wont be able to handle the mA rating. Id suggest looking into a GodLyke PowerAll. Its what I have, and it should power everything you'll ever need.
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add up all the mA ratings of your pedal, if it goes higher than your power brick you need a more powerful one.
daisychaining power cables can be found relatively cheap on musiciansfriend as well.