Whenever I play fingerstyle, I always seem to get sort of a staccato sound. Like there's a little space in between each note.

If I really focus on keeping my fingers as relaxed as possible, I can lessen this effect, but I can't seem to rid myself of it to the extent that I would like.

Can anyone offer me advice on how to get the notes to flow more smoothly?
If your bass is set up poorly you could have shortened notes. Also if either of your hands are accidentally muting strings.
I can only really think of two things to say about this.

1. Make sure that when you're plucking the strings that you're rolling your finger horizontally across the string. Many people get in the habit of plucking upward a bit, which means your finger is resting on the string while it's plucking, which dampens the sound early.

2. If the note is just too short, your left hand may be shifting finger positions too early. Be sure to use 1 finger per fret whenever possible so you can smoothly shift between notes.
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it's just the way u pluck the strings. keep on working on it and u'll figure it out.
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your strings could be to tight for you
so you finger "stucks" on the string you are hitting
BTW i suck at english so i am not sure how to describe this but i used to have the same issue
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Practice with simple scales (or some pattern) playing quater notes, letting them ring as long as possible. Gradually increase the speed.
try hitting the strings with just the very tip of your finger. and relaxing you hand leads to better technique anyway so work on that.
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