i was talking to a friend today and had said to him that i was going to see collective soul on saturday . He said to me "oh you like the christian bands do you" . I never considered collective soul as a christian band.I've just always thought they were a good band, never really thought about a christian aspect to it. What do you guys out there think? any ideas on this subject
There is another thread on this band, but meh, it's only got three posts in it...! I don't consider them to be God Rock. People probably just imply that they are because of their name, which is a stupid thing to do. But who knows. I only know one of their songs, so I don't think I'm really in any place to comment!
I've never heard of them being grouped into christian music or found any religious bent in their lyrics. Oh well. In terms of soul named bands, soul asylum are better.
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I don't consider Collective Soul as a Christian band. I do understand why someone would consider them one, though. The name does imply a Christian type band. Also, some of their lyrics, like "Shine" and "The World I Know", sound like they contain Christian themes. But as for being a Christian band, No.
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im not sure but on instinct i say ... christian band-no... haviest grunge band ever-yes.
i dont care what anyone says, cs is grunge
Collective Soul has a catholic lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist who are brothers, the vocalist (Ed Roland) leading the band. He writes most of their songs, and some of them are Christian-based. However, I wouldn't classify them as a Christian Band. Maybe about 15-30% of songs on their albums have "Christian tendencies."
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im not sure but on instinct i say ... christian band-no... haviest grunge band ever-yes.
i dont care what anyone says, cs is grunge



On topic, I don't think CS is a christian band. But they might be, I dunno.
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