i was gonna go like a weeek or two ago. but i couldnt. iwas actually in the town of the concert and everything, and my mom was lke no you cant go now. shes a bitch. she likes to go back on promises.
I think there is a thread in another forum, but to answer your question. I went to the St. Paul show March 4, and it was pretty awesome.
whos performing?
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Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
BFMV A7x and Atreyu BTF and some japan bands... It was pretty good... There as been so may of these threads lol.
add me if you wish...
i was there just this sunday. they played "walk" by pantera and got a girl from the crowd to sing it.

OH!!! and i got that girl's number after the show

The show was awesome though i admit i was bored cuz i didn't have a girl with me. Oh, some advice: a7x does a song after they say they're done...so when they "leave" just try to get close cuz they'll play a little movie clip and then come out to play one last song that nobody's expecting. Also, one of the japanese bands is really cool but i forgot their name....d'sparaisomething...
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NICE!!!! they play walk? awesome!!
i wasnt really looking forward to the jrock bands tho...
I so wanted to go when they came to here where I live. I heard it was amazing though.
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