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Ya im pro
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meh kinda
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Can you take a piece of sheet music and play it on the guitar?
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very very VERY slowly.

edit: y did u make it multipple choice if theres only one answer?
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decently, I can't play a piece smoothly on first-sight, but after like five minutes I can make out a song as lnog as there isn't too many flats or sharps everywhere.
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I can't sight read it like I do on the piano but I can figure it out
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I could eventually, but not sightreading. I know the notes on the staff from piano and school band, but it would take me a while to transfer it to the guitar.

Edit: like the guy above me ^
i can, but i don't quite know the Treble cleft very well. i could still read either, but i'd be choppier on Treble.
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It's hard for me to figure out good fingerings for chords, scalar runs, and some other things, but I can read sheet music fairly well. I've always found sight reading to be universally easier on other instruments because the guitar has so many different ways to play a given note.
kind of. i can read the music, and know what the notes are. actually playing it is a little more of a challenge for me. im just not used to doing it very often.
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Yes, but not treble/bass at the same time


I never really use it for guitar, but I can...
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I learned music on the bass clef, from what I used to play, but since I've started to learn treble clef I can now figure out a regular sized page of treble clef in a few minutes. It's a good thing to learn for sure, just takes a lot of getting used to.
After eight years of guitar playing........I've decided to give up tabs and learn using Notation.
My first bit of formal lessons startedl ike three months ago.....damn its kinda tough.
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I can very slowly....I can play the intro to an old marching show on bass after looking back on the music....
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Damn straight. In bass, or treble. Maybe the viola clef (c clef?) too.
I've played piano, trumpet, and other stuff much longer than guitar.
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Yes. And I can read bass clef but I'm really slow at it because I'm used to treble.

Not being able to read sheet music = not a musician
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Can you take a piece of sheet music and play it on the guitar?

Yes, on guitar and piano, slowly.
Yup, when I started guitar I didnt even know what tabs were..
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On piano? yes. On guitar? No, but only because I'm lazy. Plus the lack of middle c on a guitar confuses and scares me.
If I sat and figured it out, yes. Sight read... No ****ing way.

Also, there is still some stuff about sheet music I simply don't get, so I'd probably be wrong.
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