Hey Everyone, I've got a quick question regarding the Bigsby Custom Fender B5 Flat-Top Solid-Body Bridge. I see that it includes the bridge, but in the photo from the webpage, it looks like it is attached to the plate that covers the pickup as well.

I want to put this Bigsby on a 72 Telecaster Deluxe Custom. Since that guitar has two humbucking pickups, I will be unable to use this plate ... and if the bridge is connected to the plate that is going to be a big hassel, I will not be able to buy this kit and I'll have to find individual parts! (which I'm hoping will not be the case!)

Also; if anyone has any experience in installing a bigsby on a telecaster, please let me know! I'm open to all the advice I can get!

Thanks a head of time for your help!
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