Hey, I was wondering if you were to choose 10 songs that ROUGHLY encompassed a guitar curriculum(yes, I understand that playing 10 songs wont make you a guitar god) what would they be? Just wondering because I want to improve my technique and was wondering what songs to work on. They can be any level of difficulty, the important thing is that the 10 songs can be used a practice set.
dream theater- in the presence of enemies pts 1 and 2
megadeth - hangar 18
dream theater - under a glass moon
dream theater - the glass prision
extreme - play with me
dream theater - the dark enternal night
dream theater - as i am
dream theater - this dying soul
megadeth - holy wars

like smoke on the water to rusty cooley ****
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I am upto 4 with Satriani myself, and I do not even know why I started doing them.

Surfing With The Alien, New Cool Way, Summer Song, Made Of Tears.

It seems to be taking longer than I thought, and thrash metal has been my calling:/
Go figure, if I had only known what to expect when I picked this thing up years ago.
It depends what you want to learn from them - do you just want 10 technically difficult pieces or 10 songs that cover as many aspects of guitar playing as possible.
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Master of puppets - metallic
BAttery Metallica
smell like teen spirit
some guns n roses stuff
megadeth stuffs
Master Of Puppets - Metallica (Down-Picking Practice/Stamina)
Battery - Metallica (Rhythm/Stamina work)
Scarified - Racer-X (Soloing/Legato/Lead)
To The Rats - Trivium (Stamina)
Technical Difficulties - Racer-X (Rhythm/Lead)
Bultaco Saturno - Paul Gilbert (Lead)
I Still Have That Other Girl - Paul Gilbert (Emotion/Lead)
The Attitude Song - Steve Vai (Lead)
Cowboys From Hell - Pantera (Rhythm/Lead)
Arpeggios From Hell - Yngwie Malmsteen (Lead)

All of those songs will provide you with some challenge, mainly Scarified, The Attitude Song, Cowboys From Hell and either Battery or Master Of Puppets, the others are relatively easy.
I really suggest Van Halen

1 - They almost all only require one guitar. EVH rarely ever records multiple guitar lines.
2 - They're difficult enough to be challenging so you don't get bored, but you shouldn't get bogged down like in a Satch or Vai song
3 - They're pretty well known and you can impress people with them. You will almost certainly learn new techniques.

I start with something like Panama.
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