Mick Thomson Signatures or Steve Vai signatures or other. I need suggestions for metal guitars k thx

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A new amp for you is first

lol +1

Metal Guitars? Most with EMGs/high gain output pickups and thin neck. Not all but thats the typical spec. Jackson/Ibanez/ do some really nice 'Metal' guitars
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Why buy a signature guitar? Why not buy a standard / custom?

Wouldn't you rather want your own unique sound & look? :P

Oh and, I think a new amp would be more needed.
Definitely get a new amp. For the price of those guitars, you could afford a pretty nice one.
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check out the ibanez JS 1000, def worth a go.
Also, new amp.
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You can play any style on any guitar. Get a new amp. Spiders sound like digital piss. (I know because I have one. A spider, not digital piss.)