I am thinking about getting one of them. I do not know much about amps and effects so if you could tell me what is good or bad about them and how they differ from each other i would really appritiate it. Thanks. I know a guy who will sell me the second one the 212 for $100, it is used what do you think?

I just want somthing that sounds decent to play on my own not in a band. An i am not looking to spend a lot of money. I like to play all kinds of rock.

Sugest one if you don't like these for under $350 or so if you can.
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What kind of music are you playing? Are you looking for an amp to play at home, in a band, gigging, etc.?
they sound like mic'ed up beehives.
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Yep. The Cube is probably the best affordable practice amp. Along with the Valvetronix, but the Valvetronix isnt as versatile.
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go for the cube 30. dont get the 20 though because it doesnt have amp modelling