I need some help justifying my future purchases.

i been playing on and off for about 5 years, only got serious about it in the past 7 or 8 months. Tax returns are coming in so im looking to upgrade my squire strat and practice amp. trying to keep it under 1200 for the new amp and guitar. im looking to get stuff that will hold me off for a long, long time. this is kinda a hobby, not a hardcore thing for me so i would be happy if this stuff lasted me the rest of my life.

I listen to stuff like john mayer, early november, red hot chilli pepper, jack johnson, starting line. Punk/pop-rock/pop blues. ive been playing alot of the blues-ey john mayer stuff recently, but i dont think ive really found what i really like to play yet(cept jazz, i hate that **** ).

so im trying to get some decent gear that will let me play everything. i previously got a fender tube amp, and although its clean was amazing, i couldnt justify spending all this money for one sound, so i returned it. Im currently looking at the vox valvetronix AD50VT or the roland cube. i think the modeling amp will help get me the versatility im looking for. I will mostly be using it for bedroom practice/small jamming, but i want to have enough volume to get over a drum set if i get more into the band thing.

right now, im looking at Fender fat strats. either the Mexican or American ones. i plan on going to the store and seeing if the sound seems worth the extra money. Im not a huge fan the of look of strats(even though i really like the sound) so im open to other suggestions.


note: all these choices are based on forum searches, i havnt had a chance to get into the store yet to try any of it out.
I would recommend Fender's HSS Stratocaster you will already be used to it because its like the Squire only better because it has An added Humbucker for the versatility. You can check it out at this link http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Standard-HSS-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar-103814638-i1148871.gc. . Also I would look into to some RP-50 Or Rp-150 Proccecers so you can change and edit your sound to what you want.
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PRS SE models are fairly versitile and fairly cheap. However if you want the single coil sound a strat has to be the way to go.

I agree with kayote^ I had a processor when i first started. Fantastic for versitality i would recomend a processer rather than a modeller amp.
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