Im thinking of upgrading the pickups on my guitar in the future, thinking of some EMG´s
probably a EMG60 on neck and a EMG81 on bridge, would this work and would it help me get a better tone? Maby some other combination is better? Play mostly pop-punk rock and hardrock, some metal, but not so heavy metal.

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but seriously...if you want more variety you may want a passive pickup by the neck...for a warmer tone. Personaly i would go for it though.
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For mostly rock/heavier music, the EMG 81/60 combo would work. If you want some more tonal diversity, try some DiMarzios.
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EMGs work nicely for punk. They might unvintage your classic rock tones, but they're still a decent choice. If you don't play much (modern) metal, consider an 85 for your bridge, it's warmer sounding then the 81.
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I would honestly consider the Duncan Blackouts before the EMGs for your selected styles if I were going active.
Otherwise consider something a bit more tame, as classic rock doesn't work great on these types of pickups. You can play it, but you won't really get that classic crunch.
Consider some of Duncan's passive pickups, they have soundclips on the site.
EMGs and Blackouts are great for heavy rock and metal, but not so much for softer stuff.
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