Hey everyone, i started a band about a month ago and we have 2 reletively close to completed songs up, i posted on this forum before but since then my thread was deleted or i would be posting this on my old one.
It would be great if you could give us some feedback, we would greatly appreciate it!

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if you need feedback, turn your amps up all the way and face them when you play.

edit: I'm sorry, that was a bit rude.
I'm not a big pop punk fan, but your recordings are pretty high quality. Where did you have them done?
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The vocals sound like a wannabe tom delonge and the echo is annoying but otherwise good
oh we did our recordings ourself by the way to answer your question, its all good if you dont like our genre, thanks for the compliment on our recordings
I like the song that was Just to Late or something like that... it was honestly the only one I listened to... and it said NEW... haha but ya for some reason that drum beat, before the guitars and vocals come in, reminds me a lot of Tom Sawyer by Rush... like I just pictured like any second Geddy Lee would just break out singing My Name's Tom Sawyer... and so on... but ya then it was a lot different when the guitars came in... ahah but anyways I like what I hear
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