Hey im not sure if its just me but when im learning new tabs i seem to somehow imagine something for that finger position, when i play on the high strings on the third fret i imagine red and the low strings i imagine green.

When i play certain parts of songs i imagine animals and objects.. i didnt concsiously do it - its just i started thinking "2 0 3 0 42 (the tabs) number in my head but now i seem to "see" images of what the note sounds like to me (colours and objects)

do any of you feel the same? haha .. would be nice to hear from any of you guys
I learned to play the guitar like a blind man would I hate spelling and numbers and all that jazz that's the reason I wanted to play guitar to get away from all that, so instead I learn to play guitar by tuning my ear to sounds that worked, and eventually figured out all the solo positions.
Then I moved on to doing things like playing out of key notes but finishing off on in key notes.

I eventually studied all of the chords and stuff.
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Agree with above poster - seems like synesthesia.

It happens to me when listening to songs - I associate every song with a different color, which swirls around in my head, kinda like a Windows Media Player visualization.
wow i might be :/ i never noticed it before but i do associate sounds and chords with colours and objects :/ wow!
but only noticed when playing guitar.. haha hmm maybe i can develop it


could i hear anyone elses experiences?
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maybe you played a bit to much guitar hero or something but yeah mostly by ear and then some uberfunky stuff ill check up...