I found this site that seems pretty badass. Basically it's a radio, you add the bands you like and it searches for similar bands. It's pretty awesome and I've already found a couple other bands that sounds pretty good..

The site is Pandora.com..

God I sound like a ****ing ad, haha, but yeah I just thought that'd help some of you guys out. It's a pretty cool idea.
you used to be able to get on it in the uk but i think they're currently sorting out some copyright issues...

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We're probably never gonna get it again here in the Philippines
I didn't know you couldn't get it in the UK any more

I used it for a bit, found some really good new bands through it, but it struck me as a bit of a novelty really.
Check out 8-Bit Trip!

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I used to use it 2 years ago, and it was open to everyone (I'm in Turkey). I was very surprised to see it closed..
Yeah, I'm in the US so I didn't know it was limited to here, but still pretty cool for the guys who are over here.
Meh old news but i used to use it but then it would add stuff i didn't like so I stopped.
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