What's the difference between Tremolo and Reverb?
I got a tremolo effect in my amp, is that the same thing as reverb?
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It's not the same.
Reverb makes you sound like you're in a room or a hall.
Tremelo, I don't know how to discribe but it makes your sound trembles. It's not as much used as reverb. Allmost every guitarist uses reverb.
tremolo decreases the volume of your amp and raises it and even intervals, reverb smears echoes together quickly to make notes ring out a little longer.

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lol. they're different.
Reverb is like a series of echoes played in a very short period of time, like at a hall or something.
Tremolo is when the sound quietens and goes back to normal at a rate. Think Boulevard of Broken dreams for that tremolo sound.
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