I got this a a present a few months ago an I am selling it.

(several photos in set)

Does anyone have a estimate on what its worth. Alder body, the seller aparently said it was hand made, some damage to the finish near the neck.

I don't know how much it was bought for.

Thanks for all your help!

That guitar looks really nice. I bet you could probably get a good deal on it.


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Never heard of 'G.X.G' before but it doesn't look bad visually, so I think you could easily sell it :P.
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You shouldn't have too much trouble.

You might want to treat the fretboard. It looks dryyyyyyyy.

You can probably get like 200 or 300 bucks for it.

What's with you and your PRS copies?
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While googling I came across a few Chinese counterfeiting sites selling these.
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It looks quite nice
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LOL, I've had lots of guitar over the years, just turns out I bought a cheap PRS copy last week and was offered this a while ago.

My main guitar is though is always my ibanez JS100.
The only places I seem to find G.X.G. are on Chinese sites that have various other copies of other manufacturer's as well. This one obviously being a PRS copy.

My guess.. $100.

$200 shipping.
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