All right so heres the deal I have about $200 and I want to either upgrade my pickups to these:

My question is are they worth buying and will they actually help in what I suppose is a somewhat decent solid state 75 watt solid state line 6 spider III amp or should i save my money and upgrade to something more amongst the lines of:


Anyway if theres better pickups out there feel free to suggest any. And I'm either going to upgrade my epi les paul standard or Ibanez RG5EX1.

Thank you for all your help in advanced.
DO NOT get the MG and 75 watt solid state combo is fine unless you gig a lot then maybe consider A half stack but not an MG. As for the pickups i say their fine maybe upgrade the guitar you use and prefer more, but if it was me I'd upgrade teh Ibanez
1. sell the spider, but dont get an mg. tell us what you're looking for and we'll help.
2. save up more and have a look at bareknuckle pickups from the uk

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depends on guitar.
but ive found the emg-81's to be sexy sounding. or there's the Seymour equivalent the blackouts...or atleast i think theyre called...
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If you want good pickups check out rockmonkeyguitars.com. It's the "best-kept secret" on UG.


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Thanks for the advice everyone I think I'm going look into the pickups a bit more and sell my spider and old strat I don't use anymore. Just wanted to add this i'm going with the pickups this weekend and saving a little bit for the Randall g3 it looks excellent thank you for the advice.
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Since you said "suggestions", I highly highly recommend DiMarzio Al DiMeolas. I would almost say if you don't like them, I'll buy them off of you, but I don't feel like futzing around with mail and money (not that I think you'd give 'em up). I've bought five of them over the course of many years, and I plan on buying four or five more of them. They're special order. I think they're like 10.89k and 10.82k. Sweet sweet pickups.
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if ur prepared to spend a good chunk of cash on a new amp, go tube. it will the crap out of any solid state amp. period.
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The other year I bought a MG100 half stack, speakers in the cab are actually pretty nice, but like everyone else says, dont bother, the head, the effects sound like ****, the distortion is crappy. mainly when im playing with mine, I just keep mine on the clean channel with the chorus up a little, then I got a few stomp boxes for any sound I want. if you want good distortion, stomp box is your best bet. I bought a big muff fuzz box and it is awesome. but none the less, check out some better amps then the mg.