1) really got a nice 'warmth' in the sound compared to my old practice amp. Sounds great.

2) But, really sounded a little different than in the shop...maybe b/c I had more time to dink with it. Going to spend a lot of time trying to play maiden, Ozzy, Metallica and other NWOBHM music, and maybe I'm just equating 'gain' to the fizz that my MG15 DFX through off as I raised the gain, but the gain didn't seem as heavy as I remember it. I went this route instead of the xl b/c the demos for that all seemed so incredibly heavy that I'd be pigeon-holed into an ONLY metal amp with not as good a range for cleans or classic music. Also, I loved the warmth of this compared to the Cube 30x.

Is it just me? I have heard the cube is better for heavy (but more digitally and hissy), but most folks seemed to think that the music I play is fine with this amp. Again, maybe it goes back to me being use to the definition of gain being a super heavy MG gain/hiss/fizz. Please let me know your thoughts.

I feel like a banana head....I'm never this indecisive.
What settings are you using?
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What settings are you using?

Basically was mostly using the UK 80's for Maiden and Nu-Metal for Metallica. Tried the pre-sets at first with the effects bypassed. Then went manual (kind of bizarre actually, had to turn it off and back on to get manual to work - no sound), kept effects off and for Maiden gain almost all the way up, treb 7/8, bass 4/5, mids about 7. Metallica, nu-metal, mids 2-3, gain almost all the way up, bass 8 or so and treble 7 or 8. Pre-sets didn't seem to have enough uuummmffff to them. Even when I cranked the gain in manual, it seemed like having the gain only a 1/4-1/3rd of the way up on the MG15.

Obviously from the comparisons to the MG, I'm a beginner and need guidance. thanks!
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i think its cause its not a trebble driven gain, like the mg, that you think its not heavy.

just play around with the bass, and treble.

try treble on 6 and bass on 7 and gain on 10.
You don't oomph from gain, you get it from a combination of presence from the amplifer, volume and your EQ settings.
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Thanks. So the consensus would be that this amp should be able to get that sound and no need to re-visit the cube or the XL in a short time frame (return window)?
A FREE UPGRADE to you're tone (found by experimenting ) can be achieved by taking the back off, i know theres like 12 screws but it's worth it.... it actually cleared up some muddyness in the distortion and really brightened up and made the cleans better.

Danyellenik's VOX AD30VT Settings (can be used with 15, 50, 100 etc.)

All these settings use a 1-10 scale... In Manual mode

Chan 1


AMP: Black 2x12
VOLUME: i have it at 10, it's up to you

EFFECTS: tremolo+reverb
EDIT1: 2-3
EDIT2: 5
EDIT3: 2-3

and no noise reduction when I'm splitting between two single coils, i use some reduction when using my neck P-up only.

Chan 2:

(crank up the gain if you want more metal, i don't like lots of gain though.)

AMP: UK 80's (the only good 1 IMO)
VOLUME: 5 ish? again, up to you

EFFECTS: Comp (adjust to liking)

Those are the setting I use after lots of tweaking.
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Thanks. Think I'll give this another try. I know people like the cube a lot for what I'll play mostly, but I'd like to stick with this or the xl because I love the warm, bright, and less fizzy sound. That comes with the tube.
The new one? Are you talking about the XL, because the Xl sucked ass for me.

The standards however are superb amps, much better tonally than the cubes, and have alot more gain than people give them credit for.
Do love the tone of this one so much more than the cube....seems more alive. Just want to be sure can do "traditional" metal better than a lot of people say when comparing to the cube.
I got the same amp too mate, just last night! I love it. No regrets. The range of effects and amps really makes it an extremely versatile combo amp.

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