Im making up a practice chart. The plan is to learn a new song every week.

Well i have owned a guitar for over a year but i have only been playing seriously for 6 months (I dont realy think playing smoke on the water and all those type of songs for 6 moths realy counts ) although i have been told im very talented.

I can fingerpick and alternate pick very easily and i can play the number of the beast album (Minus solo's)

Im not realy looking for a specific genre

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Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Over The Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin

hmm yea there alright but i was thinking about maybe some led zeppelin perhaps? *Bad joke*

What about black dog?
This one - its basically the same 3 strings over and over

I can get most of it except the really fast part

YouTube - Zakk wylde - 'farewell ballad'

the tabs are here



Holy Smoke - Iron Maiden

Moonlight Sonata - Mozart
Fur Elise - Mozart

the last 3 are classical but sound good on electric, there are some more rock-ish version out there too, and they are very simple!

All of these have very simple tabs

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