I'm having a minor problem. One of our songs begins with a fairly unconventional tapping riff, and for posterity and memory, I want to be able to to tab it, but I have no idea what time signature it's in?
I can't directly post a link to the song, but the song is called "Lights", and is on our myspace.

If anybody could tell me what time signature it's in, i'd be very grateful.
Alright. So it's either 9/16's or 5/4. Hmm.

Thanks guys, but it can be both can it? :/

I'm not very good with theory sadly. :/
Quote by southern riff
alright dude well i listen to it about 10 times and its in 5/4 hope that helps man

it feels weird but with the 5/4 time i find myself pausing for just a moment longer,

so it has to be in 9/16
it sound awesome, i love strange odd signature songs, and that really does good, how it phase so slowly that the bass disappears

it works well with the song besides that tad long gap between the intro and the guitar riff if u no what im talking about.

what is it, is it actual bass, or synth,,, or synth bass lol
Nope. It's a guitar lol.

It's a tapping riff, left hand only, muted all the guitar string with my right hand (90 degree angle right by the bridge) in Drop C.
Basically, I use distortion, a harmoniser in the key G#, a fifth down with delay. The actual synthy sound stems from them, and using a Resonance filter in my ME50, which basically, depending on where it is, filters out either treble or bass. So it begins by filtering out treble, then filtering out bass.