Hey whats a signature guitar? One tuned to the same as the said artist?

If i were going about buying a new guitar, does a custom one mean they build it for me or just set it up? I currently just have a crappy Behringer but if i were to get a new one i wouldnt want one that everyone else has, i'd like mine to be slightly different looking (colour/shape/sound) .. umm how would i go about that? I dont want a guitar built for me costing thousands of pounds but for under 500? Hmm

yeah thanks for replies
A signature guitar is a make of guitar endorsed by an artist. Not necessarily played by the artist, or set to the artist's exact configurations.
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One good way to get an individual/custom guitar would be building it yourself... Not necessarily from scratch if you don't fancy it. Have a browse around - you can get parts and guitars in sort of 'kit-form'. You can then personalise them as you like, and they end up being pretty cheap as well... I'm going to make myself a Telecaster in this way pretty soon, and it shouldn't cost any more than 300-400 quid with some bitchin' pickups in.
ah so i would buy the individual parts and just assemble it myself? is it hard or are guitars like lego ?
you have to know how all the parts in the guitar work. You also need a workshop of sorts and it's useful to have someone who knows what to do around.
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Woodworking skills (if you plan on personalizing the headstock and body into unique shapes).
Basic electronics and soldering (to figure out where the wires go and to connect them).
Basic tool skills (if you don't know what a flat-head, phillips, or hex is, you're in trouble).
Painting (aim spray can away from face, fire).
The ability to properly setup a guitar (adjust truss-rod, intonation, fret-finishing, etc.).

Definitely not like Legos.

Definitely the cheapest way to go, because otherwise, a custom guitar will cost you probably a couple grand, considering you want something completely unique.
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At that price, you won't get any decent custom guitar. And you shouldn't go down that path for your second guitar anyway. Just shop around to find a stock guitar that you like.
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I don't know what you play, but with that small of a budget I recommend you just get a strat and customize that. There are a lot of parts that can easily be changed that can make the guitar unique to you.